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World Championship 2024

On 9th May 2024 the World Championship High Throwing with Large Flags will be held in Kraainem, Belgium.

Information in English will be updated soon. 

Find here all information in Dutch

World Championship 2023 - CANCELLED

The next World Championship high throwing with large flags will be on 

18 May 2023 Cancelled

The organisation is looking for a new date after the summer.


Results of World championships 2019

The results of the World Championsships in Namur Belgium  on 11th May 2019

What is hoogwerpers.be ?

The word 'hoogwerpers' is a dutch word and means litterally 'high throwers'.

Hoogwerpers.be is an organization who's goal is to promote high throwing with flags. The organziation is based in Belgium. The flags have a size of minimum 180cm x 180 cm.

Hoogwerpen.be is organizing monthly workshops. The workshops are for experienced flagwavers who want to learn the best techniques for high throwing.

At least once per year hoogwerpen.be organizes high throwing championships.

For more information please contact us at info@hoogwerpers.be


Hoogwerpers.be is an organisation that promotes the sport 'high throwing' with large flags.

The name 'hoogwerpers' is a dutch word meaning litterally 'high throwers' 

The main activities are:

  • organisation of workshops for throwing flags
  • annual organisation of a world championship. See wk.hoogwerpen.be
  • development of throwing materials
  • making international contacts and if possible partcipate in international throwing contests with flags

Hoogwerpers.be is based in Belgium. Most of the pages on this website are in dutch. If you need any information in English, French or German then please contact us at  info@hoogwerpers.be